- The Dance of Death

The Ship in the Storm

Death Comes for the Passengers

Ship in a Storm

Dance of Death: Ship in a Tempest

Death is about to break the mast of the ship. Some of the passengers cry in despair, while one appears resigned to his fate. The waves strike the side of the sinking ship, carrying death onto the sailing ship. This is one of the vignettes depicting multiple deaths, reminding us that there is no safety in numbers.

Sailing was an extremely dangerous occupation during this era, and ships were very likely to be lost in storms. However this panel in Holbein's dance of death symbolizes how our lives can at any moment be upended by an unexpected storm.

One of the things that makes Holbein's version a masterpiece is his depiction of almost every level of medieval society in his vignettes. It gives his work a univesal quality that rises above its era.

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Holbein - the Dance of Death.

Holbein - the Dance of Death.

Hans Holbein

Hans Holbein

The Dance of Death

Meaning of the Dance of Death

The Dancing Mania

The Dancing Mania

Scene from the Dance of Death

Scene from the Danc of Death